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What is Resort Boneyard?
Resort Boneyard is a collaboration of industry veterans.  RBY is a marketplace for ski areas, nordic centers, and snowmobile clubs to buy and sell equipment. At RBY our goal is to provide a vibrant and focused marketplace for the ski and snowsports industry to buy, sell or trade equipment.

What constitutes a good listing?
A good listing is created when a potential buyer is able to find all relavent information within the ad. Be sure to include make, model, hours, year of manufacture and any other pertainant information.  Additionally, it is important to provide the region of the country your item is located so the buyer can calculate freight. We encourage as many quality photos of listed items as possible.  Photos of an item in it's natural context are always helpful. Potential buyers enjoy looking at snowcats on snow, and ski lifts standing on the hill as opposed to a bunch of lift towers in a field or a de-tracked snowcat in the mud.

Why should you consign with RBY?
Resort Boneyard can take the hassle out of the sales process through our consignment option.  We will field inquiries, negotiate payments and organize freight logistics. Remember, Resort Boneyard was started by industry veterans with a vast network of contacts. We know who to, and how to sell your items.  For an easy sale, click on consignment, and let us take it from there.  

Does Resort Boneyard buy equipment?
In short, yes.   Keep in mind,  Resort boneyard is a marketplace for buying and selling equipment. If you have an item you need to get rid of or you simply want to bolster you capital budget send info and pictures to and we will give you an immediate offer.