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Items from the guts of your operation. You know, the stuff you are tripping over from that recent renovation in the lodge or maybe the pumps, valves, and switchgear from a pumphouse upgrade. List it, somebody needs it.

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Tafa 8830

Tafa 8830

$17,000 (NY)

This is a Tafa Model 8830 spray galvanizing machine by Praxair Surface Technologies. It runs off of 460V three phase. It requires 75-80 cfm with 80 psi. Have a manual to go with it. Used for 14 hours.

Onan 15 ORJC

Onan 15 ORJC

$4,500 (PA)

Onan 15 ORJC refurbished in summer of 2015. Four cylinder, liquid cooled, JC series engine. Rated at 18.5KVA and 15 KW output on 3 phase @ 277/480 volts. The unit has 70 hours on it since refurbish and 692 total hours when purchased. Set up to run on propane.


Snowmaking/Grooming package

Snowmaking/Grooming package

$50,000 (PA)

Here is the perfect package for someone who wants back yard skiing/riding or tubing. Everything you need to have your own mini ski area. All items in this package are listed in individual ads or you can buy the package for less. Here is what you get!

2004 Bombardier BR 275

Onan generator

Gould SSV pump


Lenko 950 snowgun

Bruckstugl rope tow

$50,000 takes the package complete!

Pumphouse Enclosure

Pumphouse Enclosure

$3,800 (PA)

Pumphouse enclosure that houses a Gould SSV (another listing) and a generator. Completely wired and self contained. Easily loaded on a trailer to be moved. $3,800.00

Gould SSV

Gould SSV

$2,300 (PA)

Gould SSV 12 stage vertical pump. 20HP, 18 amp 3 phase 480 volt. 1200 TDH 600GPM. 360 psi max pressure. Pump runs well. Pump was set up with a generator to make snow in the back yard. See my other listings for the snowgun, rope tow, snowcat and generator! you to can have the perfect back yard slope.

VBM 12,000 LB lift

VBM 12,000 LB lift

$3,000 (East)

VBM4 12,000 LB capacity 4 post lift. 220 volt. Includes transmission jack. Works well. Newer hydraulic unit.


2009 Sesitec System 2.0 Cable Wake Park

2009 Sesitec System 2.0 Cable Wake Park

$20,000 (MidWest)

We are selling our Sesitec System 2.0 cable wakeboard system. Sale includes towers, cable, carrier, motor, vfd, and all parts necessary to run the system. Originally installed in 2009, regular maintenance has been performed and system is in good operating condition. Three Phase 480v power is required. Entire system can be broken down and fit onto a trailer.

Optional add ons:
Complete board, binding, helmet, and vest rental fleet.
Floating sliders.

New systems sell for over $35,000.

Ice Rink Chiller Outdoor

Ice Rink Chiller Outdoor

$50,000 (Southeast)

Outdoor ice rink chiller. 10 years old with recent rebuild on compressors. Includes (4) compressors, VFD glycol circulators. Self contained, can include trailer if wanted. Capable of maintaining a 10,000 SQ/FT rink.  Price when new was over $160K. Offers?

Sold Snowmaking pump 1000GPM, 1800TDH

Snowmaking pump 1000GPM, 1800TDH

$35,000 (Southeast)

Snowmaking pump. 600 HP, 1000GPM, 1800 TDH. Horizontal pump complete with 600 horsepower, 480 volt 3 phase motor, base plate and soft start.  Pump had total overhaul/rebuild 3 years ago. Very nice and well maintained, replacing with vertical VFD.


Sold sprung structure 30' X 50'

sprung structure 30' X 50'

$15,000 ( NH)

roof vent
3 entrances
1 breeze way
1 window
2 seasons on new skin
4 interior lights
2 ceiling fans
all electrical wiring for interior
propane furnace
non insulated
needs hardware kit for erecting (nuts and bolts)

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