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Here is an opportunity to list your surplus lift inventory. The items you list may save another Resort in a critical “down time situation”. Long lead items like high horsepower motors, drive controllers and gearboxes can put a lift out for the season. For the good of the industry, list your surplus. Who knows, some day it may save your Resort.

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1986 Leitner triple chairs

1986 Leitner triple chairs

$3,600 (MA)

Leitner triple chairs available with Borvig 1 3/8" grips. These are 1986 era. (55) chairs available for $300 each. Only available as a lot of 12 or more or larger quantities.  (103) grips available for $125 each. Will sell chair and grip fas a package for $375 each

Schipperr handle tow

Schipperr handle tow

$12,500 (MA)

Schippers Handletow. 180 meters long, 24 meter vertical rise, 10HP 480volt, 3 phase with 48 handles. Ready to ship


2020  Riblet RFG4

2020 Riblet RFG4

$500,000 (Northwest)

New remanufactured fixed grip quad. 300' x 1200', 50 chairs, 10 towers, 100HP, 400 ft/m

This is a fully rebuilt 1995 Riblet quad with the following:

-New clamp style grips

-New ANSI digital controls

-New haul rope

-Brown galvanized towers

-Towers built to your site

-Hydraulic bottom tension and drive

New paint

1 year manufacturer warranty



1993 Leitner 15-MGD

1993 Leitner 15-MGD

$765,000 (Euro)

1993 Leitner Gondola, for sale. The lift is in immaculate condition and being replaced per normal rotatation of equipment. Located in Europe. Engineering services to reinstall and shipping assistance available. Full service history and records. PLEASE NOTE PRICING IS IN EURO!  765,000.00 EURO. Price is Ex works Europe (down and in storage). Details as foillows:

1993 with 25,000 operating hours

32 cabins (10 passenger CWA type 15 round)

Main drive 2 X 415 HP

APU 260 HP

1026 M length x 267 M elevation

50 MM cable (recently replaced)

Speed 5.5m/sec 3300 ppl/hr

Clockwise rotation

10 Towers




Borvig Quad chairs

Borvig Quad chairs

$450 (NY)

40+/- Borvig quad chairs available. Good shape, some have a dent or scratch. Galvanized steel with composite seats and backs. Complete with restraint bars. Good spare chairs or great for a homeowner who wants a back yard bench. These can be modified so they may be shipped more economically. They cannot be reused on a lift if they are cut for shipping. Shipping whole will cost as much or more than the price of the chair. These are big and heavy!

Price is $450. each FOB NY or discounts on larger quantities.


Eurodrive 100 HP

Eurodrive 100 HP

Contact Seller for Price (Southeast)

100HP motor 3 phase 480Volt $1,000.00

Fincor DC motor controller

Fincor DC motor controller

Contact Seller for Price (East)

(1) Fincor drive, INCOM Class 3000 DC Motor controller comes with extra boards, Offers?

Sold Hall 1 1/8" grips

Hall 1 1/8" grips

$125 (Eastern US)

Approximately 40 Hall 1 1/8" grips complete. Regular yearly NDT. Lift being taken from service. Complete grips with springs etc. available. 

$125 each

Sold 1991 B.M. lifts Quad

1991 B.M. lifts Quad

$15,000 (Ontario Canada)

For sale 1991 B.M. Quad lift, length 2650 feet, 512 vertical. 108 B.M. chairs and grips, 12 towers, capacity of 2400 skier per hour. Lift will be sold for parts or as a complete lift without the top bull wheel. Lift hasn`t run since 2011. All records are available, last testing and NDT done in 2009-2010. Possibility to contract lift removal at extra cost.
15,000 $ CDN

Sold 1987 Poma Triple chair

1987 Poma Triple chair

$42,000 (Ontario Canada)

For sale 1987 Poma triple chair lift, length 1245 feet,  512 vertical. 54 chairs, 6 towers, lift has low hours. Lift is currently standing and is located in Ontario. Lift hasn`t run since 2011. All records are available, last testing done in 2009-2010. Possibility to contract lift removal at extra cost.
Price $ 42,000 CDN

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