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Resort Boneyard is an aggregator of all things ski area.  A major part of this site is dedicated to snowcats.  Here you will find nearly new, and nearly alive vehicles from Prinoth, Pistenbully, Camoplast, Bombardier, LMC, Thiokol, DMC, Tucker, Litefoot, Ohara, and any other manufacturers out there.  Please take a look around,  if you have a quesiton, email the contact on the machine, and make a deal.  

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Prinoth BR350

Prinoth BR350

$35,000 (Rocky Mountains)

Semi-Closed Profile Steel Tracks. Leitwolf Blade. Posiflex Tiller. C9 Caterpillar Engine.

2004 Zaugg Pipe Monster - 18'

2004 Zaugg Pipe Monster - 18'

$40,000 (Colorado)

2004 Zaugg 18' Pipe Monster. Last used in March 2010. Fully serviced since last use. Very good condition with some rust.

Sold Bombardier  BR 350

Bombardier BR 350

$14,000 (Eastern US)

*****PARTS OR WHOLE, TRACKS ARE SOLD ******Bombardier BR 350 Caterpillar C-9 power. Fairfield planetaries, Sundstrand drives. Machine has 13,000 hours, fires right up and runs great. All glass is good, Solid tires all the way around.  Non-quick mount blade, wings removed for shipping. Bombardier flex tiller. This machine ran this past 019/20 season. Good machine for short money. E-mail if you are looking for a specific part

$14,000.00 whole machine without tracks


Windshield: $2,500

Planetaries: $2,500 each

Hydro system, pumps and motors: $5,000

Engine: $5,000

Tiller $2,000

Blade/mount/cylinders: $2,500

Rear lift frame/mount/cylinders: $1,700

Solid tires: $300 each

Front tires: $350 each

Sprockets: $450 each

Waking beams: $325 each

Flexitors: $225 each

Front crank arms with hubs: $450 each

If you need something specific e-mail your part or list.


Sold Bombardier BR 350

Bombardier BR 350

$16,000 (East Coast US)

Bombardier BR 350. 10,000+ hours. Machine ran when parked at the end of the 2020 season. Will not start now. Early BR 350 with Cummins power. 66" steel semi closed tracks in great shape. Belts are good, no broken cleats. Quick mount blade, push frame and flex tiller. UPDATED: Have  not repaired starting issue but it turns over and the fuel tank transfer pump runs fine. Gets fuel to common rail but at low pressure. Suspected problem is check valve in high pressure fuel pump or the the high pressure fuel pump itself.

Buy, fix and run it for $16,000. Will part out larger items if interested:

Quick-Mount Blade $3,000

Quick mount push frame complete $3,000

66" semi closed tracks $10,0000

Tiller $2,500

Rear lift frame complete $2,000

Engine $5,000

Hydraulic system $4,000

Planetaries $3,500 each

Will not sell smaller items from machine until it is substantially parted out.


Sold 2011 Prinoth Bison

2011 Prinoth Bison

$24,000 (NY)

2011 Prinoth Bison Center Cab (drive around with a buddy on each side). Machine has 10,000 hours. 350 HP Cat C-9 power and Rexroth drives. Runs, drives. Equipped with Leitwolf blade (no damage), quick mount push frame, Posiflex tiller and Hans Hall aluminum tracks all in good shape.

No broken glass and interior is in good shape, Good machine for short money. Would consider parting it out for some major components like engine, tracks, blade, tiller etc.

$24,000 USD


Sold 1978 Bombardier 252 Ski Dozer -full cab

1978 Bombardier 252 Ski Dozer -full cab

$20,000 (CO)

Bombardier SkiDozer 252 Crew Cab 1978. Seats 5-6, Ford 300 inline 6, C6 auto transmission with 3 speeds + speed auxiliary low gear box, torque convertor and auto transmission oil cooler, all installed November 2016.
Cab refinished and painted, new windshield, and interior clean - no rust!(2017) Sound system, custom front mechanical seats. Looks and runs great.
8' wide tracks with 1 1/2" steel and solid core tires inside tracks.

Sold 2012 Prinoth Beast

2012 Prinoth Beast

$50,000 (Western USA)

Own The Biggest Baddest A#$ Snowcat you have ever seen!  


The Prinoth Beast is one of the largest snowcats ever built.   it comes with a Caterpillar C13 Engine. CAT POWER!   Do you live your life Large and Loud???  then you need a Prinoth beast.   This thing is huge. I am not sure the dimensions,  but just know it is huge.   Do you have neighbor envy when you are clearing your driveway?  You know,  all your other neighbor bros crusing the hood in their heated side by sides, plowing their driveways at 60 mph?   Ramming the snow into your front yard from across the street?      

Lets MAKE THAT A THING OF THE PAST with a PRINOTH BEAST!  clear your driveway in one pass with this super wide blade!  then cruise your street with two of your best friends riding along looking down on the brigade of side by sides and four wheelers cleaning their driveways in total jealousy.   Sure,  you thought the guy that bought the skidsteer was a high roller?   Push his skid steer out of town with this thing.   


You can also perform some pretty decent grooming at your ski area with this thing. Or,   build some great snow roads.   But clearing your driveway sounds like more fun. 



Sold 2008 Pistenbully 600 Polar

2008 Pistenbully 600 Polar

Contact Seller for Price (Western USA)

Used Pistenbully 600 Polar.  This machine was the pride of its fleet!   comes with 4.2 Kombi tracks,  All Way Blade, and and tiller.  This machine was formerly a winch machine with the winch removed.  Frame is in good condition, machine has had regular service throughout it's life.   The Pistenbully 600 is powered by the Mercedes OM460LA engine, which provides plenty of power and torque for pushing snow.    


Sold 1995 Pisten Bully 160D

1995 Pisten Bully 160D

$22,000 (mid atlantic)

1995 Pisten Bully 160D. VM diesel engine with Sunsdstrand series 90 pumps. Machine ahas a 12 way blade and power tiller. Brush guard pictured has been removed. Runs great. Interior is clean. No known issues. Exterior is faded from sun but otherwise cosmetics are good.


Sold Bombardier BR MP

Bombardier BR MP

$4,000 (East Coast US)

Bombardier MP parts machine. 275 HP 8.3 Cummins power. Machine is being sold for parts or buy what is left of it for $4,000. Machine had a passenger cabin so it has no rear deck, currently it has no blade, tracks or tiller. Intermediate wheels and hubs are sold. Front solids wheels available, csome flexitors (2) planetaries etc. 

Complete machine $4,000

Front solid wheels $500 each

Flexitors $400 each

Sundstrand controller box (blue box) $800

Planetaries $2,000 each

Hydro system $3,000

Engine $2,500